Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's a Great Day to Think about That

It’s a Great Day to Think about That 

I looked to my right and saw a boy dressed in blue shorts, an old t-shirt, flip flops on his feet and hair blowing in the wind. He was probably around eight years old.  I was riding west on the street; he was riding east on the sidewalk.  As we neared each other he called out to me, “It’s a great day for a bicycle ride, isn’t it?  

“It sure is,” I replied.  

It was a quick moment - a snapshot in time.

It made me remarkably happy to witness this child riding along with such joyous abandon.  He seemed impervious to other demands.  He was totally in the moment; fully experiencing the delight of a bicycle ride on a warm spring day.  

I too was enjoying my ride.  It felt good to be outside, household chores pushed off until later in the day.  But what would it take to feel total abandon; to be so present in the moment that I got lost in my happiness?
I'm not sure, but I’d like to try to capture a bit of the magic that spilled into the air this afternoon.  A little boy on a bicycle seemed to have the answer to my elusive question.

And it seems like a great day to think about that. 

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