Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poem: It's You

 Photo - 1984

On January 19, 1982, I was 28 years old and gave birth to the first of our three sons.  He turns 30 years old today.  He is a gift beyond measure.

 It's You

You emerged from the cocoon
Strong, healthy,
Seeking love, sustenance,
Sleep, more love, more sustenance,
Slowly exploring your world,
Learning, listening, discerning
Your uniqueness,

Even then making moves
Toward independence,

An early interest in
Continued throughout,

From finger paints
To pastels,
Piano to trumpet,
Dr. Seuss
To A Wrinkle in Time,
Robin Hood
To Star Wars,
All part of your human mind,
Gentle soul,
Creative spirit,
The mysteries of the universe
With a keen curiosity.

How did you grow from a tiny seed
In me
To the person
I see today?

The greatest mystery of all
Is the greatest gift
Of all,

It’s you.


  1. Wonderful tribute to a loving kind young man.

    Birthdays of children, no matter their age, are intensely important days for their mothers as well.

    Love, Judy

  2. Agreed. These landmark birthdays are a good time to reflect on all the goodness one life brings to the world.

  3. Wow - how did our oldest turn 30??? Great photo of Philip - Happy Birth Day Mom :)

  4. Thanks, Marti. It is truly beyond belief that they are 30.