Friday, January 13, 2012

Poem: At Last, I Thought, I'm Safe

Heart Sculpture - Rita Bourland © 2012
At Last, I Thought, I'm Safe

I built a wall ‘round my heart,
strong and sturdy,
bricks and mortar,
stacked so neatly,
and completely,

at last, I thought,
I’m safe,

but then my heart
felt discontent,
for while the wall blocked pain,
it also blocked the joys of life,
a loving hug,
a smile
and kiss,
a moment of bliss,
time with a friend,
 music and birds,
a child’s first words,
sun on my face,
a moment of grace,

with chisel and mallet
I chipped at the bricks,
made a small crack,
felt light creeping in,
feelings begin,
exposing my heart
to sadness and joy,
to life
once again.

The End


  1. Beautiful. Makes it sound doable! I expect many reading this will "take heart" and push forward. xo Sister

  2. Thanks. I read a passage in a book yesterday that spoke about this very thing and it inspired me to write the poem. I'm glad you like it. xoxo

  3. Thank you for your poem, Rita! The timing of reading it coincides with my own growing conviction that I have some demolition work of my own to do...

  4. Thanks, Marti. I appreciate your words. I think we all feel the desire to close ourselves off at times, only to find a deep longing to open up once again