Monday, December 19, 2011

Poem: A Mall-less Christmas

 A Mall-less Christmas

It’s a mall-less Christmas for me,
No muzak or fake Christmas tree,

No garish bright lights
Or elves in red tights,

No two for one deals
Or boots with high heels,

No Santa to greet
With photo complete,

Or children in tears
Being ushered through Sears,

Not one impulse buy
Or flashing green tie,

No fluffy pink slippers
Or fancy egg whippers,

Yet the gifts that sit ‘neath the tree,
Were purchased by little ol’ me,

With just a few clicks of my mouse,
The shopping was done from my house,

So now I have time to sip tea,
And munch on some crackers and brie,

I’ll listen to CDs and sing right along,
Filled with the hope of each Christmas song,

It’s a mall-less Christmas for me.
Thanks, Google, for setting me free.

I actually like to support a few independent stores in town but the internet has also been a wonderful tool for shopping.  I haven’t missed the mall a bit. 


  1. Liberation! It feels good to read this.
    xoxo Judy

  2. Merry Christmas! Thank you for the wonderful poems, pictures, stories and musings all year long. Libby