Friday, December 9, 2011

Poem: I Love Christmas Cards

 I Love Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards,
Always have,
Always will,

When I was a child
My mother wrote stacks and stacks
Of cards,

Who did she send them to I wondered?
How did she know so many people?

She carefully wrote the addresses,
Signed each card with a personal note,
Affixed the stamps,
Licked the envelopes,
Then mailed the stack two weeks before

And now I do the same,

It is a duty, a compulsion,
A necessary part of the season,
As much as carols, trees, cookies and gifts,

It tells me I am connected
To family and friends,
That meaningful relationships exist,
That time and distant do not
Define love or friendship,

A card is a small thing
Yet it looms large in my life,
Always has,
Always will.

1 comment:

  1. Great memories and good modeling of communication skills that still matter very much. xoxo Judy