Monday, March 7, 2011

Poem: Why do we Sing?

Why do we Sing?

So words
Can take wing,

When we sing
They sparkle and rise,

Like a bird floating free
On a light summer breeze,

Or a kite in the wind
Flying high in the sky,

Why do we sing?

So words
Can bring hope,

When we sing
They lift up the soul,

The spirit is freed
From fear and distress,

Leaving light, leaving love,
Bringing joy

Why do we sing?

So words
Can bring grace,

Helping those who've
Lost their way,

Lift up your voices,
In glorious praise,

The echoing sound
Will offer a place

For others to rest for awhile.


  1. My favorite sisters and I have more than one thing in common -- and perhaps the most sustaining one is SINGING! I love choirs, or singing in any form. This was great to read. xoxoxo Judy

  2. I'm pretty sure that singing does something wonderful to our brains when it is happening. No scientific proof that I know of - just a feeling. It's nice to share this love of singing with family and with others - a great gift of community.

  3. I have sung my way through the past 3 years. At first I just sang The Lord is My Shepherd over and over and over. Then I expanded a bit to some folk songs and, a favorite, Day by Day. Then I started setting tunes I liked to poems I found comforting. Sometimes I make up tunes and words about how I'm feeling. All while driving in the car. It has kept me going. There is something very healing about singing.

    Now I'm back more to singing along with Renee Fleming. We sound great together. In the car. :-)