Friday, March 11, 2011

Poem: Enough I Say

Enough I Say

Okay winter, you’ve finally won,
 I’m in a bad mood,

I look out the window
At more fresh snow
And shudder from the cold,

You’ve won,

That’s right,

You’ve succeeded
In knocking me out,
A one-two punch
To the gut,

Are you satisfied?
Do you have no shame?

Bringing cold and snow
In the middle of March,
It’s unseemly even for you,

It’s not enough to begin your fun
In November?

We humans need a break,
There’s big stuff here on earth
We can’t control,
And then you have to add your part,

Enough I say,

Go away for awhile,
Rest up,
Plot next year’s weather disasters,

We’ve had it with you!

I admit defeat – for now,
But not next year,
You’ll see!


  1. Me too! Although earlier today the sun was out -- briefly -- and I actually swept some of the sand from our front porch! xoxoxo

  2. The sun came out here today as well. Just when winter hurls its final blow, the sun comes out again. It won't be long now 'til the days are brighter. The time changes tonight so that is a really good thing!

  3. This is very appropriate for even a Monday morning when last night I was kept awake by thunderstorms--thunder! We can't control the weather, and I wish it would be friendlier.

  4. I wish the weather was friendlier too. Ohio is so very variable! I have a feeling sunny days will be coming around a little more very soon. Thanks for commenting!