Friday, February 26, 2010

Triumph of Nations

Triumph of Nations
We have been conditioned
to cheer for our American heroes,
the ones who ski fast, skate fast,
and do everything with grace and speed.

But what of the other nations?
There are several nations making their 
Winter Olympics debut in 2010:
Cayman Islands, Ghana, Pakistan, Peru,
Colombia, Montenegro and Serbia.

What did it take for these athletes
to prepare, raise money, travel,
and participate?

It took a triumph of spirit.

Olympians persevere
against all odds and all obstacles
to compete, represent, and belong to 
something bigger
than themselves.

We share in their pride, their work,
their desire,
to be the best,
but ultimately in their desire to be a part of 
this triumph of nations.


  1. Hi Rita! I've been a little behind with blog reading lately - just caught up with you - next Shannon! Love this poem about the Nations - beautiful! xo

  2. Thanks, Marti! Drop by my blog anytime.

  3. I was just talking with someone about this yesterday... he expressed a desire to see medalists from other countries interviewed and was concerned that our media only seems to care about the American competitors. I like that your poem recognizes other countries too.

  4. I love the foreign athletes - especially the ones from small countries! They often seem to have such joy in simply getting to the Games.