Friday, February 5, 2010

The Cold Wind Doth Blow

In honor of the piles of snow that have fallen today:

The Cold Wind Doth Blow

My snowman was tall,
as tall as an oak;
he looked mighty fine
for a snow-covered bloke.

He had a cool look,
 he cast on the world,
but rarely found warmth,
the wind often swirled.

His smile was frozen
in quiet delight,
as he stood at alert
from morning 'til night.

 But then the bright sun
brought sizzling heat;
he quickly did fade
and melt in defeat.

With the help of a friend he might reappear,
the next time it snows -
next year,


  1. Rita - love this - now you must post a picture of the snowperson you are hopefully building today! : )

  2. Thanks,Marti. You can find the snow people on e-mail. :-)

  3. Oh dear! Is Charley Brown melted already! Love the poem. :-)