Thursday, August 1, 2013

Poem - The Music Played On

Photo of Bunny Park in Dublin, Ohio © Rita Bourland

The Music Played On

The dance party started at four,
The bunnies were first on the floor,

They jumped and they kicked up their heels,
They boogied and did a few reels,

Their ears flipped and flapped in the warm summer breeze,
Their tails bounced and flounced with the greatest of ease,

The time seemed to fly as the music played on,
They couldn’t be sure how long they’d been gone,

The sun slowly set and evening grew nigh,
And that’s when they heard their mother’s sweet cry,

“Come home, please come home; oh where can you be?
Your dinner’s grown cold, and so has your tea.”

So the bunnies hopped home quick as can be,
They kissed their dear mother then sat on her knee.


  1. Bunny Park! What have we been missing. . . A Bunny Dance Party would be perfect for a BIRTHDAY! xoxo J

  2. Indeed! A good friend took me to the Bunny Park a couple of weeks ago. The sculptures are 15' tall. They are so playful and whimsical, plus there's a splash water park for little kids down the hill. Plus they make me smile. Glad you liked the poem and photo. xoxo

  3. Your poem just made me smile, and I picture the excited expressions on children's faces if you ever have the opportunity to read this treasure with little ones. They would be utterly enthralled!

  4. When I was writing this I was thinking a bit about the poem about the three little kittens who lost their mittens and the book The Runaway Bunny. I like this idea of children having a bit of independent fun but also returning back home to safety and their mother's arms. Thanks, Michelle, your kind words warm my heart.