Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poem: The Distance Between the Moon and Me

The Distance Between the Moon and Me

The distance between the moon and me,

I think I can see,

Yet I’m told it’s really quite far,

We can measure most things,

Like three feet in a yard,

That’s not very hard,

Or the size of a football field,

We know what that yields,

Yet it’s not that easy for a girl

Who never played the game,

All the same,

We can measure most things,

Like we know what we bring

Home at the end of each week,

But how far it will go,

We really can’t know,

Unless we are good at math,

And I don’t want to think about that,

I’d rather fly off to the moon

Where the dish ran away with the spoon,

And the distance between the earth and me

Well, I think I can see,

Yet I’m told it’s really quite far,

Whether miles or yards

We can’t always know where we are,

There are things that are real

And others we feel

And those we can’t measure at all.


  1. There is often great frustration in not being able to measure. Your poem brings appreciation for the unquantifiable. Judy

  2. There are things that are real/and others we feel/and those we can't measure at all.... much to ponder here.

    And so sad it is that some choose not to become attuned to all that they feel. It diminishes so much of life, and has ripple effects around the world. Just like the moon tugging on those ocean waves.

    Your poem reminds us that though intuition is not quantifiable, it is so very "weighty" and means so very much in pursuit of an authentic existence.

    It is beautiful that you depicted the powerful moon in this piece. Thank you for always generously sharing the gift of your perspective.

  3. Thank you, Judy and Michelle. Your comments mean a great deal. When we share our thoughts with each other, the 'distance' seems to disappears.

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