Monday, September 3, 2012

Poem: Whistling Addie

 My grand-niece, Addie.  Photo taken by her dad.

Whistling Addie

Whistling Addie, a wonder is she,
She learned how to whistle before she was three,
Added to that, she whistled on key,
She learned Middle C while sipping some tea,

She’s just a small girl; I think you can see,
Who still loves to sit on her momma’s knee,
But when she starts whistling, I think you’d agree,
The notes seem to float like waves o’er the sea,
Or leaves that have lifted off some giant tree,

The town that she lives in has writ a decree
Naming Whistling Addie the sole honoree,

A mighty fine thing for a girl such as she;
Whistling Addie, a wonder is she.


  1. A wonderful tribute to our talented girl! Love, M

  2. It was fun to write. Her virtuoso whistling inspired me. What a delight she is! xoxo

  3. How lovely to have talent AND beauty. And now she's been honored on this great blog! xoxo J